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Phase failure of three-phase asynchronous motor
- Oct 29, 2018 -

Phase failure of three-phase asynchronous motor

Three-phase asynchronous motor is widely used in electric hoist product, but three-phase alternating current motor burns out because of lack of phase operation, which causes economic losses to enterprises.

lack of phase

The reasons for the motor running out of phase
1. If the fuse is not properly selected or pressed, the fuse will be broken.
2. contact of switch or contactor is not good.
3. Loose joint or loose thread.
4. There is a phase winding open.

protection measures of motor short-phase operation
1, break-off protection: add fuse or circuit breaker to the motor and its line short-circuit large current for timely cut-off protection
2, overload protection: Install thermal Relay for overload protection
3, under-voltage or under-voltage protection: In order to prevent the motor in the low voltage start or operation and the motor in the operation of the sudden power loss after the recovery of the self-start, are using the loss of pressure and under-voltage protection.
4, grounding or 0 protection: When the motor housing is charged, to prevent people from touching the chassis and electric shock protection device. 5, with the development of electronic technology, motor integrated protector came into being, the role of motor protector is to give the motor comprehensive protection, in the motor appears overload, overcurrent, Phase-missing, plugging, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, leakage, three-phase imbalance can be alarm or protection