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A Brief Analysis Of The Fault Treatment Method Of Electric Chain Hoist(continuation)
- Jun 08, 2018 -

6, the motor makes sound, but it does not rotate.

Solution: check the motor phase is correct - repair and do the insulation action.

7. The emergency switch is pressed.

Solution: confirm the reason why the emergency switch is pressed.

8. The contactor not good,

Solution: manual operation of the gourd, if the ring chain electric hoist normal action, the control coil or wire has a bad contact - find out the bad contact position and repair it; if the manual way to operate the electric chain hoist is still unable to operate, it is necessary to check the main power is normal, if the main power has no title, it is contact. Poor contact, unable to output normally, need to replace contactor.

9, the coil short circuit of the contactor

Solution: replace the contactor

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