• Crane Wireless Remote Control

    Crane Wireless Remote Control

    The composition of crane wireless remote control device Transmitter: Transmitter for portable, small size, light weight, easy to operate. The operation method is divided into 2 kinds of button type and remote sensing type. The button type is suitable for the simple small...Read More
  • New Construction Material Hoist

    New Construction Material Hoist

    Innovative appearance design: compact and beautiful, meet various harsh working conditions of the use of the environment. The compact shape design of high-beau circular chain new construction material hoist can minimize the space occupied by the hoist body and can be used in...Read More
  • Crane End Carriage Wheel

    Crane End Carriage Wheel

    Crane End Carriage Wheel Crane end carriage wheel is a device used to support cranes and loads, and to enable gantry cranes to work back and forth on the track. The track foot suffers from the wheel pressure of the gantry crane Wheel and directs the crane wheel to work....Read More
  • End Truck Wheel

    End Truck Wheel

    ELK End Truck Wheel The end truck wheel of the single girder crane is mainly used to carry the crane's deadweight and lifting weight, and transfer the force to the crane's running orbit, drive the wheel rotation through the motor, reducer and other transmission parts,...Read More
  • End Carriage of Crane

    End Carriage of Crane

    Technical parametersRead More
  • Electric Construction Lifting Hoist

    Electric Construction Lifting Hoist

    The compact shape design can minimize the space occupied by the electric construction lifting hoist body and realize the application in the low clearance environment. Continuous quality improvement and quality control process make our electric construction lifting hoist have...Read More
  • Crane End Carriage

    Crane End Carriage

    The Crane End Carriage is a kind of important part which is installed on the bridge Crane's main girder to support the bridge to operate above. The connection form between the Crane End Carriage and the main beam is: welding connection; the upper and lower cover plates...Read More
  • End Carriage Wheels

    End Carriage Wheels

    Single track power trolley wheel -- End carriage wheel Features of product as follows: 1. Durable, Handsome 2. Good performance, Long life 3. Used in the crane end carriage/ single -track power trolley 4. Professional manufactory 5. CE/ISO9001 Approved (1). ELK Crane Wheels...Read More
  • Chain Lifting Electric Hoist

    Chain Lifting Electric Hoist

    Chain lifting electric hoist includes imported Chain lifting electric hoist and domestic chain lifting electric hoist. It is an ideal equipment for lifting, transporting, loading and unloading goods and workpieces. Chain lifting electric hoist is widely used in processing...Read More
  • Electric Rope Hoist

    Electric Rope Hoist

    Electric rope hoist is a kind of small lifting equipment. The steel rope hoist has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, small size, good versatility and convenient operation, and it can be installed on the steel wire alone, and the electric rope hoist can be...Read More
  • Double Speeds Geared Reducer

    Double Speeds Geared Reducer

    ELK Crane Geared Motor with Buffer ---- 0.25KW---3.75KW Simple Characters : 1.High Safety ,Quiet Voice Motor; 2.CE-ISO Approval; 3.Power 0.25--3.75Kw Crane Motor; 4.Easy Heat Dissipation Crane Geared Motor. 01. ELK Crane Geared Motor with Buffer Features : Q uality W arranty...Read More
  • High Quality Electric Crane Motor

    High Quality Electric Crane Motor

    ELK series high quality electric crane motors are used for the movement and lifting of cranes. When the motor is excited by the current, in addition to the conical rotor torque, an axial magnetic force is generated to axially pull back, the spring is compressed, the brake...Read More
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