Crane ACcessory

  • Crane C-track

    Crane C-track

    Features: 1.Full Range of Capacities and Track Profiles 2.Carring Capacities from 6 to 500kg per trolley 3.Manufactured from Plastic, Mild Steel or Stainless Steel 4.Ex-stock or custom designed Descriptions: 1.March provide C-Profile types of Cable Festoon Systems. 2.The...Read More
  • Limiter In Electric Chain Hoist

    Limiter In Electric Chain Hoist

    The limiter in the heavy duty electric chain hoist is mainly composed of two parts: sensor and controller. Its main function is to prevent overload, which belongs to the safety device. The following is a detailed explanation of the mechanism of the limiter, for reference...Read More
  • Electric Power Rail Busbar System

    Electric Power Rail Busbar System

    Top seller steel electric power rail busbar system hanger clamp Feature: The HFP56 System is a powerail, protected from contact, for indoor and outdoor plants. They are conductor lines in a rigid green PVC housing. The main is transferred by spring-stored carbon brushes. Type...Read More
  • European Crane Wheel

    European Crane Wheel

    Product Description Forged crane wheel for bridge crane wheel of processing wheel diameter: Φ300-1000mm wheel of Precise measurement and surface finishes are available wheel of Inspection:all items are checked and tested thoroughly during every working procedure and after the...Read More
  • Double Track Power Trolley

    Double Track Power Trolley

    Comprehensive presentation Single and double-track power trolley also called Single beam bridge crane end carriage, end beam or end truck is improved and designed on the basis of LD model.It is characterized by more reasonable structure and higher strength steel as a whole....Read More
  • Electric Monorail Trolley Used For Crane

    Electric Monorail Trolley Used For Crane

    The electric monorail trolley used for crane is different from the hand-pushed monorail trolley and hand-pulled monorail trolley. It is driven by electric motor and walks at the lower edge of the track of i-beam steel. With electric hoist or hand-pulled hoist, it can form the...Read More
  • Crane Remote Control Copy Machine

    Crane Remote Control Copy Machine

    | 2 year warranty
    | Support varied remote control | Free technical support
    Read More
  • End Carriage Wheel

    End Carriage Wheel

    ELK Crane End Carriage Wheel 01. ELK Crane Wheel Quality Warranty = 2 Years 02. ELK Crane End Carriage Wheel Features : (1). ELK Crane Wheels are specially and professionally manufactured by the first class technology ; It is hard and durable enough to use more than 10 years...Read More
  • Manual Trolley With Chain

    Manual Trolley With Chain

    Manual Trolley With Chain Capacity: 1 tons, 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons Chain Length: 3 m, other lengths can be customized Packing: Sturdy carton Light weight, compact structure, simple installation and handling, but also has the advantages of strong...Read More
  • Hoist Remote Radio Control

    Hoist Remote Radio Control

    Hoist Remote Radio Control ELK Hoist offers many different radio control systems or RC systems for operating your hoist and crane. We supply Tele-Radio radio control systems. Tele-Radio offers high quality low price radio control solutions to operate your electric hoist or...Read More
  • Underhung End Carriage

    Underhung End Carriage

    Nante has successfully developed crane kits systems for all kinds of overhead cranes. We are committed to provide our quality service though operational excellence and technology improvement. A wide range of Crane End Carriage is available for customers' choice. They are...Read More
  • Electric Hoist Trolley

    Electric Hoist Trolley

    Trolley Brake System Two complete and independent braking systems not only reduce the possibility of braking failure, but also enhance the safety of the brakes, and facilitate heat dissipation. 1. The new braking system of electromagnetic brake has quick response and provides...Read More
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