• Electric Wire Rope Hoist With Inverter

    Electric Wire Rope Hoist With Inverter

    Product description: Electric wire rope hoist with inverter: inverter is used to make the power frequency change, in order to control the motor speed. Frequency conversion electric. Calabash has the following characteristics: It can reduce the impact when starting and...Read More
  • 1.1KW Crane Motor

    1.1KW Crane Motor

    1.1KW Crane Motor 1.1KW Crane Motor with soft start characteristics, do not need to adopt other technical measures, direct transmission can obtain "soft start" effect, the Overhead Crane AC Motor with three-phase AC plane friction brakes, braking torque adjustable....Read More
  • Crane C-track

    Crane C-track

    Features: 1.Full Range of Capacities and Track Profiles 2.Carring Capacities from 6 to 500kg per trolley 3.Manufactured from Plastic, Mild Steel or Stainless Steel 4.Ex-stock or custom designed Descriptions: 1.March provide C-Profile types of Cable Festoon Systems. 2.The...Read More
  • Electric Winch

    Electric Winch

    Product Description A.Main Structural Features of electric mini winches and mini hand winch JM construction windlasses are composed of base, motor, elastic coupling, hydraulic brake, enclosed triple-reduction gear box, reel and brackets with electrical control cabinet. When...Read More
  • 0.75KW Crane Motor

    0.75KW Crane Motor

    0.75KW Crane Motor The chassis is made of high strength fc25 cast iron, and the Integrated Cutting Center machine (MC) workpiece is processed once to ensure accuracy and quality. Gear using SCM21 chrome molybdenum alloy steel material, carburizing heat treatment processing,...Read More
  • Limiter In Electric Chain Hoist

    Limiter In Electric Chain Hoist

    The limiter in the heavy duty electric chain hoist is mainly composed of two parts: sensor and controller. Its main function is to prevent overload, which belongs to the safety device. The following is a detailed explanation of the mechanism of the limiter, for reference...Read More
  • 0.4KW Crane Motor

    0.4KW Crane Motor

    Reducer: The shell is made of high tension cast iron (FC25), which is machined by CNC cutting center machine and CNC lathe. The matching precision is high. The gears are made of alloy steel. After vacuum carburizing heat treatment, the hardness is high. After correction and...Read More
  • Double Beam European Wire Rope Hoist

    Double Beam European Wire Rope Hoist

    Double beam European wire rope hoist Your choice between efficiency and safety ELK's latest European double-beam electric hoist is not only easy to use, but also can speed up the operation speed, improve safety and extend the service life of the equipment. This product...Read More
  • Electric Power Rail Busbar System

    Electric Power Rail Busbar System

    Top seller steel electric power rail busbar system hanger clamp Feature: The HFP56 System is a powerail, protected from contact, for indoor and outdoor plants. They are conductor lines in a rigid green PVC housing. The main is transferred by spring-stored carbon brushes. Type...Read More
  • Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoist

    Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoist

    Low headroom electric chain hoist Compact design In the workshop with a few more cramped layouts, every inch of space should be used.The design of our vehicle adopts the advanced design concept of modularity and so on.The overall height from the top of the low headroom...Read More
  • European End Truck

    European End Truck

    Our end carriages are compact, rail-mounted travel units for direct connection to crane girders and other load-bearing structures. The end carriages consist of a torsionally rigid box section, wheel blocks and one of our geared motors. They offer excellent travel...Read More
  • Electric Wire Rope Hoist Trolley

    Electric Wire Rope Hoist Trolley

    Electric Wire Rope Hoist Trolley 1. , compact, strong, long service life span, save your space. 2. Three-in-one lifting motor:. Column rotor, low noise. 3. Limit Switch: Cam limit model operate safety. 4. With load limiter protection. 5. Remote control avaliable. New...Read More
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