Crane High Torque Gear Moto

We supply crane high torque gear motor ,and We are a company that produces and sells crane high torque gear motor.,has 10 years of manufacturing experience,providing perfect pre-sale and after-sale service.

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Product Details

crane high torque gear motor,Precision reducer and reliable brake system with CE SGS certificate 200-600 voltage 2 years warranty

crane high torque gear motor

1.Product Introduction of the crane high torque gear motor

This crane high torque gear motor uses high quality DC coil braking system to ensure the timeliness of the stop of the girder. According to the voltage of different countries, the voltage range of the ELK motor is 200V-600V.

2.Product parameter of crane electric motor



Number of



Rotation Speed




     With Buffer







200V-600V/3 phase/50/60Hz









3.Product feature and application


The hoisting motor is a squirrel cage rotor motor. It combines the traditional lifting motors advantages and the advantages of a variable frequency motor, the motor can not only meet the needs of frequency starting, braking, reverse, overload, over speed, shock and vibration in the workplace, but also can meet the needs of the converter running under control, soft start and four quadrant operation, thereby reducing the the equipment impact, and save energy.


The motor has the characteristics of soft start, no starting resistance, strong overload capacity and stable starting stop. It is suitable for driving various kinds of special products such as lifting machinery, metallurgical machinery and other similar equipment. It has large overload capacity and high mechanical strength. Therefore, it is especially suitable for equipment with short or intermittent operation, frequent starting, braking, sometimes overloading and obvious vibration and shock.


This crane high torque gear motor has an independent packaging, packaging of high power motor using standard small power motor using plywood boxes, cartons, plywood boxes due to casing loads on flexibility, adaptability and reusability, is used in mechanical, chemical, electronics, hardware and other fields.

4.Product Qualification of the crane electric motor

Packing list and shipping mark" is an important link in the workflow of Kaidao Hoist, which is closely related to the correct identification of the export products and the correct shipping and delivery. Kaidao Hoist takes it as an important window post. 

Packing list" is a more troublesome and tedious work, and foreign business manager repeated communication to need confirmation, with sales, planning, warehousing, China World Trade Center and many other departments of communication and coordination, and between the terminal customers, trading companies and business managers to communicate and confirm the reason need to do at any time, the data were repeatedly modify the latest information and timely information to the relevant departments of the company. 

Kaidao Hoist can design and manufacture special lifting equipment for users, and can provide you with crane installation, renovation, overhaul and other services. The products are exported to South Africa, Brazil, East China, central China, Northeast China and other power, oil, chemical, metallurgy, machinery, military industry, transportation and other industry units. 


Q:What kind of packaging does motor ?

A:The motor below 0.75KW is packed in carton, and the high power motor is packed with standard glued board.

Q:where is the motor suitable for use?

A:It is suitable for the end beam and other products of the crane.

Q:what is the series of the motor?

A:The default is 4pole, and it also has 6 pole and double speed versions.

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