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Jack Ma: The New Manufacturing Will Redefine The Manufacturing Industry.
- Oct 04, 2018 -

September 19, the "drive digital china" as the theme of the 2018 Hangzhou cloud Habitat conference in hangzhou, Zhejiang Yun-habitat opened. This cloud Habitat conference has main forum, frontier summit, sub-forum, Ecological Science and technology exhibition, cloud-dried Shrimp Music festival, cloud-dwelling Intelligent Games and other activities, covering cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, financial technology, blockchain and many other frontier innovation Areas.
  A total of more than 60,000 guests from 64 countries in the world share the results of digital technology innovation Together.
  Alibaba Group board Chairman Ma Yun for the first time comprehensively elaborated the "new manufacture" the deep thought, this mainly manifests in five aspects: the new manufacture is based on the DT time thought manufacturing industry, the new manufacture will redefine the manufacturing, the new manufacture is the service manufacturing, the trade war is to fight for the old manufacture, the innovation must guard against "they applying".
  New manufacturing is based on the DT era thought of manufacturing In the next 30 years, the application of change will be deepened to all aspects, not only the technological change, but also the change of ideology consciousness.
  Ma Yun elaborated the IT era and the DT era of significant differences. He said that it is to control the future, and DT is to create the future, it turns people into machines, and DT to turn machines into human, the IT age to promote the development of the manufacturing industry, and the DT era to be born to create, the IT era is basically dependent on knowledge, and the DT ERA to play the human wisdom; it era is dominated by me The DT era is dominated by Altruism. DT is the platform idea, but the platform is not scale, platform is altruistic, is to let others do better.
  It requires standardization, scale, and DT requirements unique, personalized, flexible, New manufacturing is based on the DT era of thought Manufacturing. Under the trend of technological change, relying on traditional resource-consuming enterprises must be more and more difficult, and the challenge will be more and more big. Jack Ma reminds entrepreneurs, Manufacturing can not be complacent, especially now some manufacturing use the internet, expand their own marketing, led to a certain amount of sales, but this does not indicate the ability to have TOMORROW. The future success of the manufacturing industry must be good use of the internet, IoT, Cloud computing, Big Data of the new manufacturing Enterprises.
  He stressed that it is not the manufacturing industry, but the backward manufacturing industry.
  New manufacturing will redefine manufacturing New manufacturing will redefine manufacturing, which includes redefining the customer market, redefining the supply chain, and redefining operations and Services. "it's a technological revolution, not a combination of internet and traditional industries that is new, nor is it a product that adds chips to new manufacturing," said Ma. "the definition of new manufacturing standards is whether the enterprise realizes On-demand customization, Personalization and intelligence." ”