Overhead Shop Crane

We supply overhead shop crane,and We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of electric hoist and crane. It devotes itself to the development and research of crane and logistics handling technology.

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Product Details

overhead shop crane,Low noise, low energy consumption with CE SGS certificate 200-600 voltage 2 years warranty 

overhead shop crane

1.Product Introduction of the overhead shop crane

This overhead shop crane uses high quality DC coil braking system to ensure the timeliness of the stop of the girder. According to the voltage of different countries, the voltage range of the ELK motor is 200V-600V.

2.Product parameter of overhead shop crane








LH Type















Product feature and application widely used in factories, construction sites, mines, ports, railways, hotels, residential buildings and other places, lifting, transportation, handling, installation and personnel transportation construction and operation of all kinds of material, thus greatly reducing the labor intensity of body force, improve the labor productivity, but also to improve the quality of people's lives. some

The crane can also carry out some special process operations in production, so that the production process is easier to realize mechanization and automation.


The overhead shop crane for lifting, falling, or lifting and transporting heavy objects through a hoisting hook or other hoist, in a intermittent and repetitive way. A crane is a kind of intermittent moving equipment, which is mainly used for vertical transportation and is also used for short distance transportation. Its working characteristics are periodic. A complete job cycle usually includes fetching, lifting, translating, lowering, unloading, and then returning to the original place until the next start of fetching.


This overhead shop crane comprises a motor, brake, reducer, drum and pulley, motor through reducer, driving the drum drive, so that the wire rope around the drum or from the reel down to lift heavy objects, is supporting for small frame and installation of lifting mechanism and operation of institutions such as car parts, usually for welding structure.

3.Product Qualification of the crane electric motor

Kaidao Hoist think the staff to create a happy life and create wealth for the society, promote the development and progress of the crane industry has been appointed, hard, seize the golden opportunity of market integration, to achieve leapfrog development, and strive to become the domestic crane industry leader!

Kaidao Hoist is a comprehensive lifting equipment manufacturing enterprise which integrates design, research and development, production and sales. The company production of electric chain hoist, crane dedicated motor, single and double beam crane hoisting and other types of products.

from the world crane industry product development, advanced design concepts, the use of a large number of new technologies, new materials and imported components, with low noise, light weight, compact structure, advanced technology, superior performance.


Q:How to determine the size of the beam?

A:We will determine the crane parameters you need according to your workshop drawings.

Q:how long is the warranty of the crane in your company?

A:We provide 2 years of warranty for the crane.

Q:How does the crane carry on the packing?

A:The lifting opportunity is packed with plastic film and properly loaded into the container.

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