Crane Remote Control Copy Machine

Crane Remote Control Copy Machine

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Crane Remote Control Copy Machine

The copier is with 6-PIN cable. It is used to read out and write in same ID code when the device is repairing, updating or back u the copier reads out and writes in all information and matches the transmitter and receiver. Each button in copier can save one group of transmitter or receiver information. Total is three groups

copy machine.


1. Please make sure that the receiver and transmitter are same type . otherwise the information would be wrong. If there are mistakes, please read out and write in same type with the remore control copy machine.

2. Please cut the power of the receiver before reading and writing to avoid breaking IC in receiver. Please take out the battery from transmitter before reading and writing.

remote copy machine

3.If the remote copy machine did not read and save any information, the writing in dose not work.

4.Press the button of the crane remote copy machineif the copy machine dose not connected with transmitter or receiver.

indusrial copy machine

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