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To achieve three-dimensional space for handling and loading and unloading goods
- Apr 12, 2018 -

One. Double beam cranes are composed of:

Bridge cranes generally consist of three parts: mechanical, electrical, and metal structures. The outer image of the bridge crane is a single-span flat bridge with two ends supported on two parallel overhead rails for translational operation.

1. Mechanical part: It is divided into three organizations: hoisting mechanism, trolley running mechanism and cart running mechanism. The hoisting mechanism is used to vertically lift items, the trolley running mechanism is used to carry the load to move laterally, and the trolley operating mechanism is used to move the lifting carts and items vertically to achieve the three-dimensional space for carrying and loading and unloading goods. .

2. Metal structure: It consists of a bridge and a small frame.

3 Electrical parts: consisting of electrical equipment and electrical wiring

II. Main technical performance parameters:

   Lift weight, lift height, drop depth, span, mechanism working speed, work level, and crane total weight or wheel pressure.

1. Starting weight: The maximum lifting weight is allowed when the crane is working normally.

2. Lifting height: The distance between the upper limit position and the lower limit position of the spreader.

3, span: the distance between the vertical centerline of the two ends of the crane

4, the working speed of the organization (5th speed)

(1) Lifting speed: refers to the speed at which the picking device is fully loaded and lifted when the lifting mechanism motor is at the rated rotation speed.

(2) The running speed of the cart: It refers to the running speed of the crane when the motor of the cart running mechanism is at the rated speed.

(3) Car speed: It refers to the running speed of the trolley when the motor of the trolley running mechanism is at the rated speed.

5.Working level: It indicates the working condition of the whole crane which indicates the full load level of the crane lifting load and the number of lifting work. The working level of the crane is divided into 8 levels of A1-A8, light level (A1-A3), medium level. (A4, A5), Heavy (A6, A7) Extra Heavy (A8).

6. Wheel pressure: The maximum vertical pressure of the trolley's own weight and rated lifting weight on the wheel of the cart when the weight of the bridge and the trolley are in the extreme position.