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Widely used in construction, transportation and other industries
- Apr 12, 2018 -

Electric hoist is a powerful lifting equipment that is widely used in construction, transportation and other industries. It is composed of a huge steel structure, and the stability of the electric hoist is crucial. In the electric hoist accident, a considerable proportion of the collapse of the column type electric hoist is caused by the destruction of the electric hoist foundation. Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of tower crane accidents, what issues should be paid attention to the basic construction of electric hoists?

According to the analysis of the electric hoist production and use experience, there are three reasons for the basic accident of the electric hoist:

1. Part of the construction site has to meet deadlines. Under the condition of insufficient concrete strength and hurried installation, the crane is subjected to ground stress restrictions, resulting in collapse and overturning of misfortunes;

2. It is the displacement caused by the excavation work of tower cranes near some construction units that causes landslides and even tower crane accidents;

Third, the reason is that in recent years, groundwater has been generated in many cities in China due to excessive groundwater extraction, resulting in uneven settlement, thus affecting the operation and construction of electric hoists.

Therefore, in order to prevent electric hoist from collapsing, the construction unit must ensure that the durability of the electric hoist meets the design requirements. The basic construction of the electric hoist and the strength of the reinforced concrete should be at least 80% of the design value. The tower crane basement should also be Special treatment measures are taken, such as foundation piling, and reinforcement of the pile ends and foundation bolts must be firmly welded together.

The bottom surface of the concrete foundation should be smooth and solid and should not enter the bottom of the pot. The dimensional error of the anchor bolts must strictly meet the requirements of the basic drawings. The anchor bolts should maintain enough ground length, bolts on each floor should have double-nut pre-tightening, the foundation surface should be installed before ensuring that the base layer does not exceed 1 / 1000.at the basic treatment at the same time, the foundation of the tower crane can't be accumulated. Water can cause uneven settlement of the tower crane foundation. On the basis of the electric hoist, it is not allowed to dig or ditch freely.

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