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Advanced Technology And Good Safety
- Apr 12, 2018 -

The small crane is a kind of transportation vehicle that combines a small crane locomotive and a chassis. It is composed of a boom, a turntable, a rack, and legs. The mechanical operation of the small crane is realized by the actions of the mechanisms such as luffing, telescoping, turning, and hoisting, and the lifting operation is realized by a combination of different actions.

A small crane is an abbreviation of Small Crane and is usually a special vehicle produced by installing a small-sized crane (usually lifting a weight of 12 tons or less) in a small vehicle or agricultural vehicle type II chassis. Widely used in construction sites, industrial and mining enterprises, stations, docks, electricity, postal services, urban construction, gardens, paving and bridges and other fields.

First, full hydraulic transmission, stable operation, free adjustment of working speed, high work efficiency, low labor intensity, is the mainstream and development direction of light cranes.

Second, equipped with safety locks and hydraulic brakes, advanced technology and good security.

Third, the use of manufacturers of vehicle chassis, configuration is reasonable, reliable protection.

Fourth, the boom material is made by the use of national standard steel as a whole.

5. Equipment equipped with nighttime lighting and warning personnel in the work area.

Sixth, installation of the motor has a dual power function, broaden the scope of application and reduce the cost of use.

7. Small cranes are small and relatively suitable for rural construction.