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Common Problems With Crane Remote Controllers
- Aug 27, 2018 -

Problem 1: All the buttons on the remote control are not working.

Analysis and overhaul: The driving remote control all keys do not work because of the vast majority of the damage caused by crystal. If you have ever dropped or use the radio to check completely without "toot" sound, you can directly replace the new crystal vibration. In the replacement of new crystal, or can not be ruled out, you should first measure the voltage at both ends of the crystal, when pressed any one key, crystal oscillator at both ends will have significant voltage changes, which indicates that the oscillator can generate pulse signals.
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The second is to check the integrated block remote control signal output has a relatively weak voltage changes, if there is a change, you should check to promote the transistor and infrared emitter tube is damaged, or most of the integrated block is bad.

Problem 2: Individual keys do not work. Analysis and overhaul: This phenomenon shows that the whole of the remote control is normal, individual keys do not work because the key circuit contacts can not effectively guide. Most of the remote control circuit board contact with dirt, so that contact resistance increased or can not be connected, available cotton dip anhydrous alcohol to wipe the carbon film contacts, but not too hard to prevent the carbon film layer wear or fall off. Aging or abrasion of conductive rubber can also cause individual keys to not function. At this point as long as the conductive rubber contact points on the cigarette box in the foil (preferably aluminum foil sticker) a try.
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The above method can not make the remote control back to normal work, you should check the integrated block corresponding to the keying signal input, output to contact the line whether there is a crack or bad contact, especially the carbon film contacts and electrical line connection, if necessary, can replace the integrated block a try.

Problem 3: the remote control distance is short. Analysis and overhaul: First of all, we should determine whether the remote control receiver circuit is working properly, can be compared with the brand with the specification of remote control test machine.

If the remote control receiver normal, should focus on the two aspects of the remote control: one is the integrated block power input 3V voltage is normal, the usual battery voltage is not enough, is the remote control launch capacity of the most common reason, the second is to check the remote control to promote the transistor and infrared transmitter is good, can be

Problem 4: Press any one key to perform only a certain function. Analysis and overhaul: usually because of the function of the Board on the key point of the fork or lead between the wire leakage or short-circuit caused by. Can clean the circuit board and the conductive glue contact point to try.

If you can not eliminate the fault, you can check the integration block to perform some function of the key control input, output leader is not a short-circuit or leakage phenomenon. Repair the remote control before you should ask the user what is the fault phenomenon, is the individual keys are not too good or all failure, is due to the failure or no damage. The treatment of individual keystrokes is simpler, many for poor contact, you can open the remote control shell, the key to its not the spirit of the conductive rubber contact and the corresponding printing plate parts with alcohol cotton ball cleaning, after drying if still not, you can replace the conductive rubber or with cigarette aluminum foil paper adhesion to the conductive contact to replace. If the problem is the printing plate contact area of the conductive film wear, can be used ∮0. 4mm of bare copper wire along the lead line, will be welded at one end of the solder joint with the conductive film to do the replacement, and then the situation with 502 fast dry glue to paste the thin copper wire on the original conductive film. For the case of a broken, generally more crystal oscillator inside the chip is shattered, just change the same frequency crystal vibration can.