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Electric Single Girder Crane Brief Instruction(part Two)
- Jun 23, 2018 -

1.crane installation

1).At the user’s site,the crane drive device is mounted on end carriage.

2).Main girder and end carriage will be connected by high strength bolts&nuts.Allows users to little tack weld main girder and end carriage connected board seam’s top surface and both sides.after installing main girder and end carriage, then inspection.

3).crane end limited switch and electronic in the switch box assemble to end carriage,turned on electrical parts.


2.Crane commissioning

The crane should be testing firstly after installing,then it started to use in normal.

1).Visual inspection

(1).Check all of important parts of crane specification or state meet request or not,for example, main girder, end carriage, kinds of fastener,electronic equipment ,control box and so on.

(2).Use megger to check insulation resistance of electric system and all of electronic equipment.

(3). In case of power off,check operated line wiring is correct,Note distinguish driving mechanism motor’s wiring sequence,so that the two motor will operate in same direction.






2).Qualified experiment

(1).Turn on power and open all mechanism,so that the electric hoist along the full length of main girder to forward and backward movement for one time,it should not any jamming.open and check lifting mechanism and traveling mechanism,it should operated normal,observed all of safety device is sensitive and accurate or not.

(2).After 2---3 times loading until the rating lifting weight,Do each direction of movement tried and tested,verify that a kind of main parameters of crane is suit for designed drawing and related standard request and make a record.


3).Crane loading test

(1).Static load test, before the test, the load electric hoist parked in the middle of main beam span, set the reference point of the main beam measuring camber in the span. Lifting 1.25 times the rated lifting weights and off the ground about 100MM, hover 10 minutes after unloading ,check whether there is a permanent deformation of the bridge, to do more after three checks no permanent deformation. The electric hoist move to end carriage, check the main girder camber actually be less than 0.7 / 1000 span value.

(2).Dynamic load test, lifting 1.1 times the nominal weight, according to the working level to determine the appropriate crane intermittent time, the test shall be continued for 1 hour, all kinds of device shall movement sensitive,stable and reliable work, and check all limit switches ect. Safeguard should be reliable .