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Electric Single Girder Crane Brief Instruction(Part Three)
- Jun 29, 2018 -

4.crane maintenance

Use in right way,regular inspection and always pay attention to maintenance in order to ensure the crane can be worked normal and safety.When checking, the main work is observe and inspect abrasion or damaged spare parts,mended or replaced immediately,each structural maintenance instruction as follows,


1). Main girder and end carriage is the biggest of structural parts of crane,It should be checked at least annually and must check all fasteners connection reliability.another important test of maintenance is attention to each parts lubrication,Only regular and proper lubricate each parts in order to extend the service life of the crane.

(1).Check welds for cracks, such cracks are found, stop using it immediately, identify the cause and eradicate crack at the clean, adopt high-quality electrodes to re-welding , assurance welding quality.

(2).Always check all connected bolts, if loose , it should be tightened immediately.

(3).Check the deformation of the mail girder cambering and others main parts.,judge the main girder cambering need to maintenance or not,it should be checking by professional staff.

(4).To prevent the crane rusting,corrosion and view the last painting condition,it should be re-coated painting one time each three to five year,before painting,it should be removed old paint and rusting.


2).Moving structure

(1).Moving structure is motorbrakingreducer (three in one) structure. Wheelsets is by wheel,rolling bearing,wheel shaft and a couple of split bearing. The filling hose at the outside of wheel shaft,after the bolts down,it can fill up yellow drying oil lubrication,slip bearing should smear drying oil lubrication regularly too.

(2).Close running reducer lubrication is industrial gear oil 50#(winter) or 100#120 #summer), and replace each six month. It should not add too much,the oil lever should limited to the min. Axis reducer.driving device replace lubrication one time each three month.

(3).lifting electric hoist maintenance in details see<<electric hoist use maintenance manual >>.To ensure safety,crane wire rope must check carefully at any time, also strictly according to related wire rope scrapped standard to confirm if it should replace or not.To improve wire rope abrasion,it must use wire rope lubricate oil each 10~15days.it must prohibit to use acidity lubricate oil to lubricate wire rope.

(4).electrical control system maintenance:crane electrical control system should check one time by electrical staff each half month.Often check if the electrical fuse burnt out or not,to prevent electric motor single phase driving.maintenance in details see electrical drawing.