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ELK Overhead Crane
- Jan 11, 2019 -

    Crane Service Project Introduction, our company in addition to Crane and crane accessories sales business, but also to provide crane repair, crane maintenance, crane overhaul, crane transformation, crane customization, non-calibration system, crane installation, Crane disassembly and other services.
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   crane Repair and crane maintenance: Crane safe operation is indispensable for daily maintenance, but many cranes use the customer factory does not have a professional crane maintenance, Crane maintenance team. To this end, we have launched a crane maintenance business, so that not only can effectively provide users with a full range of crane maintenance and maintenance can also save users a lot of money to recruit professionals, our crane maintenance and crane maintenance business is the annual service of the package. Specific fees can be called to contact us. Crane safety and reliability is the most wanted, we will be for customers in the crane daily maintenance and sectional maintenance of this piece to do a good job of meticulous, as far as possible to add long crane vulnerable parts of the service life.
Overhead crane

Maintenance includes inspection, repair, preventive maintenance and a variety of maintenance procedures tailored to customer needs.
2, crane overhaul and crane transformation: Cranes in accordance with industry standards and national regulations, after a period of use need to carry out a crane overhaul inspection. Our crane overhaul service is mainly for the long time use of cranes for a comprehensive overhaul, crane line inspection, crane machinery Part of the disassembly inspection, refueling, replacement and so on. The use of heavy cranes for safety reasons requires a monthly minor overhaul, a quarterly mid-level overhaul, and a major overhaul each year. Crane Retrofit Service is when your crane is used many years later, many of the core components are beginning to age, inefficient operation, maintenance growth is increasing, and there are more advanced technology or accessories, you need to consider the crane products to do some transformation. In order to better extend the life of the crane, as well as improve its reliability and safety, we can upgrade your crane.