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How To Solve The Noise Problem Of Electric Hoist
- Oct 10, 2018 -

How to solve the noise problem of electric hoist

In the production process of electric hoist, if the noise is too large, the machine should be considered for fault, and maintenance should be checked in time. Next, we propose the following Suggestions on how to reduce noise in the light of the main noise source of electric hoist.

    (1) multi-pole motor should be selected as far as possible, which can reduce gear noise and motor noise at the same time, which is beneficial to noise reduction of electric hoist.However, due to the limitations of many factors and some design requirements, this choice is often impossible to achieve.

    (2) the technical conditions for processing precision of high-speed gear shall be specified. The gear precision of electric hoist mechanism reducer shall not be lower than grade 8-8-7 (2) in GB1 0095.Practice has proved that this requirement is reasonable and should be met in order to ensure that the noise is up to standard.However, according to the gear processing technology of most of the same industry factories, gear precision is difficult to meet the requirements.

    (3) improving the rigidity of the gear teeth of high-speed gear can reduce its elastic deformation and impact force of gear meshing, which is an effective measure for reducing noise of electric hoist.By increasing the modulus of gear, the rigidity of gear teeth can be significantly enhanced.

If the above content does not solve the problem, please contact the manufacturer to solve, must not blindly start up production.