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Several Basic Methods Of Chain Surface Treatment
- May 28, 2018 -

Galvanized chain in industrial production is one of the most basic chain surface treatment methods, in addition to many surface treatment methods so that products play different effects and characteristics.

1, shot peening according to the need to use a certain diameter of the steel shot sprayed on the surface of the parts, forming a uniform small pits to improve the surface fatigue strength of the chain. 2, blue to heat the parts to a certain temperature, after the chemical water cooling, saponification, so that the surface color of the part of the colour.

After the blue-treated chain looks beautiful, but also the role of rust-proof.

3, carburizing parts in the heat treatment equipment heating to a certain temperature and heat preservation for a certain period of time, and then access to carbon-containing media, the carbon into the surface of the parts to improve the chain hardness and wear-resistant properties.

4, parts in heat treatment equipment heating to a certain temperature, heat preservation for a certain period of time, and then in accordance with the requirements in different media cooling, thereby improving the hardness of parts.

5, in the heat treatment equipment, at high temperature using a variety of auxiliary media, improve the structure of parts, improve the physical properties. Nickel plating, Zinc plating, phosphating and so on are relatively common in several kinds of chain surface treatment, in the chain of international trade exchanges, more technology has yet to be developed and applied.