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The Fourth China Changyuan International Lifting Equipment Exhibition Fair Opens Ceremoniously
- May 25, 2018 -

Henan Changyuan is a civilized city at county level and a famous city for lifting machinery in China. Changyuan county industrial agglomeration area is the only characteristic base producing the leading industry with lifting equipment and related products in China, the first national demonstration zone of quality and safety for export products (lifting machinery). The industrial layout and chain of the lifting machinery industry in Changyuan county are the largest production base of the bridge gantry crane in the country and a famous brand demonstration area of the national door and bridge type lifting machinery industry. General bridge and gantry cranes account for more than 65% of the total market share of the country. They are called the distributing centers of the main hoisting equipment in China and the barometer of the industry.

Since the first China Changyuan international Hoisting Equipment Expo held in 2014, the total number of participants in the three consecutive hoisting exhibitions has exceeded 2000, and has formed a good reputation and agglomeration influence in the domestic lifting field. The quality promotion conference of the lifting machinery industry and the related theme conferences of the whole country's lifting industry are called in in Changyuan. On the same day, we decided to hold the fourth China Changyuan International Equipment Exhibition Fair in Henan Changyuan International Convention and Exhibition Center on 24-26 May.

The fourth China Changyuan international Hoisting Equipment Expo will invite the member units of the China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, the domestic and foreign lifting equipment manufacturers, supporting manufacturers and service providers to participate in the exhibition. The scale of this exhibition is 40000 square

M is truly a large-scale heavy equipment exhibition in China, which is mainly supported by crane manufacturers and accessories manufacturers.

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