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The Most Frequently Used Part In Electric Hoist
- Oct 24, 2018 -

The most frequently used part in electric hoist

  Steel wire rope is the most frequently used part of electric hoist equipment. Compared with the rigid parts, the steel wire rope has high strength, good flexibility and impact resistance, etc. It is widely used in the lifting field, but its long-term use will cause wear and wear. This part is also one of the most frequently exchanged parts.

  Under normal circumstances, the use of electric hoist generally will not lead to the sudden breaking and damage of wire rope. Even if the damage is also precursory, it usually starts from individual and local broken wire and gradually develops to the whole rope, which has a period of time, unless the whole rope is damaged suddenly because the load exceeds its limit breaking force.As long as the safety management and use of the wire rope of electric hoist are strengthened, the accident caused by the wire rope can be avoided.

  However, the force condition of the wire rope of electric hoist is variable and the working environment is complex. Besides the mechanical damage, the damage is caused by improper structure selection, improper maintenance and inspection, and the failure of the wire rope is not discarded and updated in time.

  The editor here reminds us that before the use of the electric hoist, attention should be paid to the most frequently used parts during the inspection. If any abnormity is found, it should be replaced in time before continued use.