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What Can Part Of The Electric Hoist After Opening Not Be Used
- Jan 03, 2019 -

What can part of the electric hoist after opening not be used

 Mainly because the electric hoist is not connected to the rated working voltage, and unable to work, there are generally three conditions:

 1: low than the rated voltage of the electric hoist motor voltage more than 10%, motor starting torque is too small, make the electric hoist lifting goods, and unable to work, check the voltage of the motor is measured with a multimeter or voltmeter input, because of the voltage is too low, truly make motor can't start, shall system voltage return to normal before the use of electric hoist. Sometimes, the electric hoist motor voltage is normal, and the electric hoist just does not work, this needs to consider other reasons,

 Such as:

 If the motor is burnt out, the motor shall be replaced during maintenance;

The electric hoist is not used for a long time, poor maintenance and other reasons make the brake wheel and end cover rust dead, starting the brake wheel can not open, the motor only issued "hum" sound, rotation can not get up, the electric hoist can not work.At this time, should remove the brake wheel, clean the rust surface, and then re-test;

 Motor serious cleaning, will also make the motor does not rotate, found this situation, should stop using, must be overhauled or replaced motor, in order to ensure the normal operation of the electric hoist.

 2: whether the power supply system sends electricity to the electric hoist power supply, it is generally tested with a test pen. If no power is sent, it will work after the power is sent;

 3: electric hoist main, control circuit of electrical appliances, circuit disconnection or poor contact, also can make the electric hoist motor can't electricity, appear this kind of circumstance, need to repair the main, control circuit, maintenance and repair, in order to prevent the main and control circuits to three-phase motor power phase and burned, or electric hoist motor electric operation, suddenly, must will be electric hoist motor from the power cord to disconnect on the road, only to master and control circuit of electric transmission, then click start and stop switch, check the analysis and control electric circuit working condition, to have a problem electrical equipment or lines for repair or replacement, when confirm the master and control circuit of trouble-free, to reset test;

 In addition, it is strictly prohibited to overload the use of electric hoist in production, when the overload of goods, electric hoist lifting does not move the goods, the motor only issued "hum" sound, and does not run, serious will burn down the motor, or even cause an accident, at this time should immediately stop, reduce the goods, so that the electric hoist in rated power work.