20 Ton Gantry Crane

We supply 20 ton gantry crane,and We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of electric hoist and crane. It devotes itself to the development and research of crane and logistics handling technology.

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Product Details

20 ton gantry crane,Low noise, low energy consumption with CE SGS certificate 200-600 voltage 2 years warranty

20 ton gantry crane

1.Product Introduction of the 20 ton gantry crane

This 20 ton gantry crane uses high quality DC coil braking system to ensure the timeliness of the stop of the girder. According to the voltage of different countries, the voltage range of the ELK motor is 200V-600V.

2.Product parameter of 20 ton gantry crane








MH Type













3.Product feature and application


The 20 ton gantry crane is a kind of deformation, also called gantry crane. It is mainly used for outdoor cargo yard, material yard cargo and bulk cargo handling operation. Gantry crane has the characteristics of high utilization rate, large scope of operation, wide adaptability and versatility, and is widely used in port freight yard.


The 20 ton gantry crane is supported by the two legs of the bridge on the ground track. The structure is composed of the door frame, the running mechanism of the big car, the lifting trolley and the electrical part, etc. Some gantry cranes only have legs on one side, and the other side is supported on the factory. It is called a half door type crane. The upper frame of the portal crane is composed of the upper frame (including the main beam and end beam), the leg, the lower cross beam and so on.


This 20 ton gantry crane has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture and installation, its quality is small, the partial rail box frame structure. Compared with the double girder gantry crane, the overall stiffness is weaker. Therefore, when the weight is Q = 50t, S = 35m span, can use this form. L type and C type two forms of single girder gantry crane legs. The manufacturing and installation of the L type is convenient, the force condition is good, and the quality of its own is small

4.Product Qualification of the crane electric motor

Kaidao Hoist was founded in 2009. It is the vice director general of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association. It is a key backbone enterprise in the national hoist industry. 

The manual product has been ranking the first in the industry for seven years in a row. Professional production of ELK brand hand hoist, electric hoist and other lifting products, exported to Europe and the United States and other more than 100 countries and most of the country.

ELK trademark was named Zhejiang province famous trademark, the company won the national key high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province, civilized units, Zhejiang Province Enterprise Technology Center, Zhejiang Province patent demonstration enterprises, Zhejiang enterprises, harmonious labor relation in Zhejiang province AAA level contract Shou Credit units, Zhejiang province production safety standard enterprise and other honors the title for 9 consecutive years since 2004 


Q:In what case are the gantry cranes used?

A:It is recommended for you to use a portal crane in an open air environment.

Q:what is the operating environment of the crane?

A:Please ask our sales people for specific parameters.

Q: How many kinds of cranes do you have in your company?

A:We provide overhead crane, gantry crane, and jib crane.

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