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Arch degree of overhead crane
- Nov 26, 2018 -

Arch degree of overhead crane

Bridge Crane is widely used in metalworking workshop, assembly workshop, metal mechanism workshop, maintenance workshop, all kinds of warehouses and other occasions, but also can be used in metallurgy, foundry workshop to do auxiliary lifting.
overhead crane

After considering the requirements of wind and rain prevention and improving the design, it can be used in open air. The arch degree of the main girder of the bridge crane is strictly required, and it can be seen how much pressure the arch degree of the main girder is on the bridge crane, the same bridge Crane Leung Arch value is an important technical parameter of the bridge Crane, which is directly related to the service life of the bridge crane.

Therefore, the detection of the arch of the main girder is very important work. The arch of the main girder self-weight multi-girder in the bridge structure steel also has certain influence, according to the Bridge Crane Bridge manufacturing process, the main girder, the end beam, the walking table, the small car track and the Liang connecting plate parts are synthesized into the bridge frame. Through years of production practice summary found that the bridge crane in the bridge structure, the main beam self-weight will inevitably cause the lower deflection, and because of the different position of the bracket, the main beam self-weight caused by the lower deflection value is different, the resulting arch value on the main beam is also different, only when the bracket is placed at both ends At this point, the arch value on the main beam is accurate and does not need to be corrected. The bracket is located in the bridge structure of the broken beam, and when the bridge structure is actually carried out, according to the welding process requirements of the main girder and the end beam, the two brackets are often placed in the main beam in order to facilitate the main girder interpolation end beam.