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Causes Of Gear Damage
- Oct 15, 2018 -

The main causes of gear damage are: wear, pitting, spalling, carburized layer fragmentation, fatigue, impact, ripple, ridge and cold deformation. Most gears are damaged because of excessive load on the gears, or due to improper shifting or manipulation of the clutch causing impact or vibration loads.
If there is a defect inside a gear, it can only be determined by metallographic examination.
Wear Wear is the removal of the surface material from the gears. It may be slow, such as scratches, or rapid, such as abrasions.
There are three types of wear: Adhesion wear-caused by metal-to-metal contact, and the surface is glued together and then torn away.
The cause may be insufficient lubricant or the gear is not engaged properly.
Abrasive wear-caused by external particles such as dust and sand grains.
Corrosive wear-a chemical attack on the surface of a gear caused by a contaminated lubricant or additive.

gear wear

1, Material problems
2, heat treatment problems
3, the processing tooth shape is not correct
4. Load-bearing bias
5. Overload or insufficient strength 6, lubrication is not good