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Smooth and safe operation of small cranes
- Apr 12, 2018 -

Since China's small crane started in the 1970s, it is relatively late and its development speed is not fast. It is only in recent years that there have been major developments. Compared with foreign countries, there are still large gaps. Specifically in: 

1. Low variety and low yield China's small cranes are in the early stage of development, with fewer varieties. The small and medium tonnage duplications are relatively large, and a complete series of large, medium, and small has not yet been formed. The annual output is equivalent to the production capacity of a foreign manufacturer. The

2. Low lifting torque and low technical level China's small cranes mainly use straight arm winches. Due to the restrictions of domestic automobile chassis, the lifting torque is small, and other performance indicators are generally lower than foreign advanced products. At present, domestic companies have little investment in the research and development of small cranes, and there is also a gap in the technical level of hydraulic systems and control systems. The

3. The safety device is not complete and the operation is inconvenient. China's small cranes are only equipped with general safety devices such as lifting height limit and balance valve and overflow valve, all of which are manual operations. However, foreign countries have already widely applied electronic technology to small cranes, such as torque limiters and anti-rollover protectors with microcomputers, and wired and wireless remote controls have been implemented. The

4. The function of a single small crane in China is mainly based on the lifting operation and transportation functions, while the foreign truck cranes all have a variety of attachments, mainly installed on the boom head, such as work buckets, grab buckets, aerial work platforms, and various catches. With tools, fixtures, baskets, auger, plate fork, mounted tire manipulator, pile driver, etc., so that the small crane has a multi-purpose machine functions. In addition, some foreign manufacturers have further developed special products such as railway cranes. The

5. The appearance is not beautiful China's small crane design monotonous, ignored the coordination of the shape of the car, while the color of the foreign small crane is very strict, not only in appearance and coloring and truck integration, but also requires coordination with the city's landscape.

1. He knows his own vehicle and must know his functions and limitations, as well as its special operating characteristics.

2. You should be completely familiar with the contents of the manual for small cranes.

3. You should be completely familiar with the crane hoisting plan. Must understand the meaning of all signs and warnings; be able to calculate or determine the actual lifting capacity of a small crane.

4. According to the manufacturer's requirements, regularly inspect and maintain the small crane.

5. Do a small crane working log and record in the log: detailed records of all inspections, maintenance, and maintenance of small cranes.

6. Find the load, install the lock, and find out where the load is placed. Although the operator is not responsible for determining the weight of the load, if he does not verify the weight with the supervisor, he is responsible for the small crane and all its consequences.

7. Consider all factors that may affect the hoisting capacity of the small crane and adjust the weight of the hoisting accordingly.

8. Know how to rig the basic procedures of the rigging on the load and ensure that it is implemented in the specific operation.

9. Keep good communication with the signallers.

10. Smooth and safe operation of small cranes.

11. When a small crane is not operating, it should be stopped and operated correctly.