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21st Century Maritime Silk Road
- Jun 19, 2018 -

In order to promote the construction of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, the Ministry of Transport will further accelerate the "hard link" of infrastructure and the "soft unicom" of the cooperation mechanism, and welcome foreign investors to participate in the investment and operation of our port infrastructure construction. June 13, Li Tianbi, director of Transport Department, said in Ningbo, "2018 Sea Silk Port International Cooperation Forum", to speed up the completion of infrastructure short Board, the construction of offshore infrastructure Unicom network.

We should make full use of existing bilateral multilateral cooperation mechanisms to strengthen communication and promote the soft link between policy, standards and information. Port is the key node and advance field of the Maritime Silk Road construction. "Along the way" proposed five years since, the Chinese and foreign ports actively strengthen the maritime Silk Road construction, the Port Infrastructure service network is becoming more complete, the Maritime transport facilitation degree unceasingly enhances, the port in the global logistics supply chain position and the role enhances unceasingly, the port in deepens the international economic and Trade exchange, Port cities and even regional economic and social development plays a more and more important role.

According to the information provided by the Ministry of Transportation, our country has jointly promoted the cooperation projects in port areas such as Gwadar Port of Pakistan, Greece Piraeus, Colombo Port of Sri Lanka and other countries along the road.

The Chinese port has established route links with the major ports in more than 100 countries and regions, and has opened 31 international classes in the direction of "all the way"; China Ocean Shipping Group and the Sino-European land-Sea Transportation Express line related enterprises deepen cooperation, promote the maritime logistics more convenient and smooth.

Li Tianbi said, "Hard Unicom", the next step will be around the maritime infrastructure interconnection key channels, key nodes and key projects, further clear the direction of cooperation, and promote the construction of a fair, reasonable and transparent international economic and trade investment rules system. "Soft Unicom", China has with "all the way" along the 38 countries and the EU, ASEAN signed a bilateral maritime agreement, completed 28 of the Water transport Engineering standard Foreign language version of the translation work, Northeast Asia Logistics Information Service Network (neal-net) and other platforms have made good progress in promoting the International Logistics information interchange and exchange and sharing between China and Hong Kong. The next step will continue to promote mutual learning between Chinese standards and foreign standards, and promote the cooperation of maritime logistics information among countries.