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Lectric Single Girder Crane Brief Instruction
- Jun 15, 2018 -

1.metal structure parts:

The main girder is box type beam, used steel board (or U-type groove) tailor welded forming.the end carriage use U-type groove (or rectangular tubes)weld forming.

The products structure simply, light self-weight,storage and transportation convenience. the connection of mail girder and end carriage use high density nuts&bolts.


2.Electric hoist

Electric hoist use for lifting heavy goods,it can be moved along the longitudinal direction of main girder,the structure characteristic details given in <<electric hoist operating manual>> .


3.End carriage moving structure

End carriage moving adopt separately driving type,by the motor,reducer and electromagnetic brake one complete (three in one),structure compact,moving stably,it is adopt opening and closing type gear transmission.


4.Electronic equipment

The product is safe for operator,adopt 24V36V control voltage,Running motor have single speed one (used on running speed 20m/min)and buffer brake one(it has slow start and brake feature).As difference of control type, it has ground control and cabin control.Electric hoist and whole crane all have safety device,such as lifting limited switch,end limited switch and so on.