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A Brief Analysis Of The Fault Treatment Method Of Electric Chain Hoist
- Jun 02, 2018 -

electric chain hoist is a very common use tool, many customers in the process of use in the process of improper operation, will cause a lot of problems, so the small editor in order to arrange the following solution:

1, the wrong phase of the original phase leads to the start of phase protection, so it is impossible to operate. [1]

Solution: turn the power cord of two phases to one another.

2, the fuse of the power is burned or no fuse switch is switched off.

Solution: check whether the current demand is met, replace the appropriate fuse or restart the fuse free switch.

3. The fuse of the control circuit is burned down.

Solution: check and replace the correct fuse.

4, the power cord or control circuit wire is broken or not connected.

Solution: repair or replace broken wires and defective wires.

5, the voltage of the power supply is too low.

Solution: measure whether the voltage value is less than 10% of the standard supply voltage.

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