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Electric Chain Hoist Inspection
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Any equipment in the use of a period of time will inevitably appear some fault problems, for the chain electric hoist the failure of these problems we can learn some of the failure of the solution in advance, so that the failure occurs when the ability to easily solve these problems.
       First, the emergency switch is open
When this happens, we should not immediately close the emergency button, but should look for the specific reasons for this situation, find out the reason and then according to the different situation to solve the corresponding.
       Second, the motor normally emits sound but does not operate There are many reasons for this situation, because the chain electric hoist motor involves the whole equipment of the operation of the main problem, so we need to find out the root cause of motor failure.
       In general, is the phase of the motor from the correct installation of this aspect to troubleshoot, if the cause of the failure to find out, in the case of the insulation state to reopen the switch to allow the motor to run again.
       Third, the operating voltage is too low
       If this is the case, then we first need to detect the actual voltage value, if the actual voltage value than the normal power supply voltage is 10% lower, it is necessary to take relevant measures to improve the value of the voltage.
       Four, the safety equipment failure
       Hoisting equipment must have the installation of insurance equipment to ensure the normal operation of the whole process, if the fuse in the insurance equipment to burn traces, to immediately cut off the power supply in the replacement of the fuse after the corresponding power recovery work. Ring chain Electric Hoist fault resolution method probably have these, in the problem, should be targeted to solve, so as to ensure that the equipment can be used better.