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Introduction To Single-beam Crane
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Introduction to single-beam crane

1. Single-beam crane varieties and characteristics of the transferred goods, about singletons, these elements are their shape, weight, is there a convenient interface or some available for hanging, brittleness, temperature and other etc.;As regards granular materials, these elements are the size, size, proximity, weight, brittleness, value, temperature, chemical properties, and other factors that may break down during transportation.Only items of these features, it has been made in each case in detail to use much less the size of the device type, for a variety of different equipment is not able to equally apply to a particular feature or another feature of the item.

2. Single-beam crane yield rate of the demand, in certain types of equipment, for example, water producing system used in the shape of single-beam crane, their mission in actually reaches the demand of high yield, and in the use of other devices, for example, according to a certain movement cycle and homework and no-load motor driving back after unloading material or single-beam crane, in the device's capacity appropriate infinite, severe operation has a high speed and operating procedures, just look at the sight of a high yield rate.

3. The direction and length of the journey and the movement direction of the operation are the most significant characteristics of various single-beam cranes. For example, single-beam cranes and cranes can be used when it is necessary to move in a straight and nearly straight direction.When moving horizontally, you can use an active or manually driven vehicle, track, various types of conveyors, and so on.Some devices can simply roll and change the direction of the path, while others can work in the opposite direction along only one line.The length of the migration, the displacement between the supply stations and the degree of bifurcation required for the delivery of the goods to the address, are often used as the defining characteristics of the equipment to be selected for delivery.

4. Store items in single-beam cranes and central transfer stations, and then unload them at the address after delivering them to the transport section.In this respect, it is important to a some of them are single-beam crane transport equipment, as has been pointed out, they have active load characteristics, but some devices, the opposite must be in accordance with the special additional equipment or to the demand by hand operation will supply it.For example, in the transfer of granular items, these items can piles placed in the warehouse, in that way, you must use a certain way, such as using the grab single-beam crane, or when goods piled up in inventory, they can actively into the delivery of equipment.