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Advantage Of Frequency Conversion Wire Rope Electric Hoist
- Dec 27, 2018 -

          Advantage of frequency conversion wire rope electric hoist

With the rapid development of the society, scientific and technological progress is changing with each new day, of course, there will be new products, frequency conversion wire rope electric hoist, comply with the requirements of The Times, to meet the different needs of a variety of customers, the embodiment of advantages, let you use more convenient, its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:


1, Frequency conversion wire rope electric hoist lifting speed can be set according to requirements: hoist speed can be set between 1/10 rated speed and rated speed to select the most suitable operating speed.

2, can reduce the impact of starting and stopping: because the electric hoist has a smooth running performance, so can reduce the impact of starting and stopping, especially suitable for the installation of precision mold and other work environment does not allow vibration.

3, can improve the working rate: in the no-load, can lift the speed between the rated speed to 1.5 times the rated speed, improve the no-load running speed, in order to improve the working efficiency.

4. Frequency conversion control can be carried out on the running motor through the frequency converter, which can facilitate the running motor to run at a low speed, improve the accuracy of operation positioning, and can also carry out point operation.