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When Braking The Electric Hoist, The Stop Slip Distance Exceeds The Specified Requirements
- Dec 27, 2018 -

the stop slip distance exceeds the specified requirements

 When the electric heavy duty chain hoist is out of service for a long time, some people mistakenly adjust the brake nut, or brake ring wear is too big, so that the brake spring pressure is reduced, brake force is reduced, when the stop, brake is not reliable, the sliding distance exceeds the requirements, this situation as long as the hoist specification requirements, re-adjust the brake nut.

 Electric heavy duty chain hoist in the work should pay attention to, lifting heavy objects, do not adjust, check and repair brake.

 Sometimes, adjust the braking nut, stop falling distance in excess of the prescribed requirements, still encounter such a situation, consider other causes, first open brake ring first, check whether the brake surface with oil pollution, such as with oil, reduce the friction coefficient, can make the brake when sliding, falling distance in excess of the prescribed requirements, just adjust the braking nut is not much use, and only thoroughly clean brake surface (cleaning is easy to use benzine), restore the brake surface friction coefficient;

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 Secondly, if the brake ring is loose or damaged, the brake ring cannot guarantee effective braking, only replace the brake ring;Sometimes find brake ring did not damaged, only poor contact damping ring and rear end cover cone, brake, the brake surface contact, less braking force is too small, the decline in excess of the prescribed requirements, maintenance and repair, in order to increasing the braking force, should find out the position of the poor contact, grinding, increase the contact area when braking, failing to grinding, need to replace accessories;Hoist motor coupling is not moving properly or stuck, stop, brake ring and rear end cover cone contact is bad or unable to contact, so that the hoist brake effect is good or bad, this kind of situation, the coupling should be repaired or replaced.

 In addition, electric heavy duty chain hoist, brake pressure spring long-term use of fatigue, make the spring force smaller, stop, brake is not strong, should replace the spring, adjust the braking force.