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Development Trend Of Construction Machinery Industry
- Dec 24, 2018 -

Development Trend of Construction Machinery Industry

Before October 2018, the construction machinery industry performed well and gained a lot of attention. Construction machinery is one of the barometers of national economic development, because of its strong connection with other industries, strong driving force, long industrial chain and great influence on national economy.
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In recent years, with the advent of the Internet and artificial intelligence era, construction machinery has suffered many shocks. Traditional industries are developing towards informatization and integration. Industry insiders said that with the mature development of industrial machinery industry, there will be more sub-areas of rapid growth in the future.
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Prosperity of Construction Machinery Industry

Up to now, all kinds of construction machinery sales data in 2018 are showing a situation of increasing. Taking bulldozers as an example, according to the statistics of the association, since this year, 5747 bulldozers have been sold, an increase of 27.6% over the same period of last year.

Industry insiders analysis, China's construction machinery sales and investment in fixed assets are positively correlated, in the first half of 2018, China's investment in fixed assets growth rate of 6%, although the growth rate is slow, but the growth trend is still the same; In addition, in late July, the State Council and Political Bureau meetings have put forward the development tone of "ensuring infrastructure to promote investment", in this context, the construction machinery industry will bring real. Sales are increasing.

At the same time, the expansion of China's machinery industry in the overseas market is also quite effective. It is reported that under the guidance of the belt and road policy, China's construction machinery and equipment frequently appear in the construction of the international railway such as the old railway, the Zhongtai railway, the Hungarian railway and the Ya Wan high speed rail. It can be seen that the comprehensive strength of China's construction machinery has increased significantly.

Renewal volume has risen sharply year by year

In the past two years, the reason for the huge increase in sales of construction machinery is more the updating of internal machinery from the industry, and this trend is increasing year by year. This situation is mainly due to the continuous stringency of the national environmental protection policy. Since April 2016, the national energy-saving and emission standards for construction machinery have been more stringent. The pollutant emission standards for non-road mobile machinery diesel engines have been implemented to the third stage. It is imperative to eliminate non-road machinery that does not meet the requirements.

Since 2018, in the future, the construction machinery market will be favored by strict environmental protection policies, and the amount of renewal will continue to increase.

Remanufacturing as an important label

With the steady development of construction machinery industry, remanufacturing has gradually become one of the mature labels in the industry.

The so-called remanufacturing is the pursuit of low carbon, environmental protection, green manufacturing, which is regarded as the future development direction of industrial upgrading and substitution. According to some data, the remanufactured products of construction machinery can save 60% energy than the manufacture of new products. On average, 55% of the parts can be reused, and more than 80% of the energy consumption can be saved in the manufacturing process.

At present, the remanufacturing of construction machinery industry has become an important part of its industrial chain. It not only provides customers with the best way to reduce the cost of product life cycle, but also effectively supports the call of developing green circular economy advocated by the state, and becomes an important direction for the future development of construction machinery industry.

Trend of Intelligent Transition

In recent years, with the increasing severity of the aging population, the shortage of labor force and the significant increase of human cost, intellectualization has become the general trend, and construction machinery is no exception.

Nowadays, all walks of life are seeking the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Especially under the impetus of the new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence, big data and Internet of Things, informatization, automation and intellectualization have become the main paths for the development of construction machinery enterprises. By means of robot substitution, software informationization and flexible production, enterprises can realize transparent information, collaborative design and production of upstream and downstream, and greatly improve the quality and efficiency of production services.

With the continuous promotion of industrial transformation and upgrading, the permeability of construction machinery is expected to continue to improve in the future. The new four modernizations (electrification, networking, intellectualization and sharing) will be the focus of future development of construction machinery industry, and the popularization of intellectualization is the most important.