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Balanced Cranes Are Lightweight And Flexible
- Apr 12, 2018 -

Boom cranes: (1) The cantilever cranes have three types: column type, wall type, and balance type cranes. 1 The column type cantilever crane is a cantilever that can be swung around the fixed column fixed on the base, or the cantilever is connected to the column. A cantilever crane consisting of a column and a cantilever that rotates together with respect to a vertical centerline within the base support. It is suitable for occasions where the lifting capacity is small and the service range is round or fan-shaped. It is generally used for loading and transporting workpieces such as machine tools. The

Column-type cantilever cranes often use electric chain hoists as their lifting mechanism and operating mechanism, and they are rarely used wire rope electric hoists and chain hoists. Rotary and horizontal movement operations are mostly manual, and electric power is used only when the lifting weight is large. 2 The on-wall crane is a cantilever crane fixed to the wall, or a cantilever crane that can run along an elevated track on a wall or other supporting structure. The use of wall cranes is in workshops or warehouses with large spans and large building heights, and is most suitable when the lifting operations near the wall are frequent. The wall cranes are mostly used in conjunction with overhead beam or bridge cranes and serve in a rectangular parallelepiped space near the wall. They are responsible for lifting light and small objects, and large parts are carried by beam or bridge cranes. 3 Balanced crane commonly known as balance crane, it is the use of four-bar linkage mechanism to make the load and balance weight constitute a balanced system, you can use a variety of slings flexible and easy lifting load in three-dimensional space. The balance crane is lightweight and flexible, and it is an ideal lifting equipment for lifting small items. It is widely used in the loading and unloading of machine tools in factory workshops, workpieces in process lines, automatic lines, production lines, sand box lifting, and parts assembly. Stations, docks, warehouses and other occasions