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Easy To Design And Manufacture Bridges
- Apr 12, 2018 -

The major role played by the double-girder crane parts

The lofty ideal is like the flowers that grow on the mountains. If you want to engage it, hard work is the rope for climbing.

In the practical application of the double-girder crane, the installation of the mechanical components is very important. In order to reduce the torsional load of the girder of an electric single girder crane, the parts of the mechanism should be placed as close as possible to the main girder and away from the walking rail; as close as possible to the end girder, the end girder can directly support the weight of some parts. For the trolley driving mechanism respectively driven, the existing data should be referenced. Under the condition that the floating shaft has a sufficient length, the platform of the installation and operation mechanism is reduced, occupying the length of one section of the bridge to two sections, in short Considering the ease of design and manufacture of the bridge. Because the trolley running mechanism is to be installed on the crane bridge, the speed of the electric double-girder crane bridge is very high, and after the load is deflected downwards, the installation of mechanism components on the bridge may not be very accurate, so if only from the maintenance The mechanics of the mechanism and the inaccuracies in the installation of the compensation must be taken into consideration. For shafts that are close to the motor, reducer and wheels, it is best to use floating shafts.