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China International Import Expo
- Nov 12, 2018 -

China International Import Expo

Airplanes, castles, F1 cars, small to fruit, wine, coffee ... 82 countries, 3 international organizations, 71 stands, into the First China International Import Expo national trade and Investment Comprehensive exhibition, a dizzying national pavilion, and the Chinese pavilion together with the show of brilliant.

Here, there are costumes, a wide range of exhibits, a fresh and varied experience, and here, "open" "future" has become a common expression of the "high-frequency words", here, flowing business opportunities, more deepened the friendship. At the British Pavilion, the gourmet configuration of whisky and potato chips conveys a strong British style; The championship trophy belonging to last season's Premier League champions Manchester City Club has drawn people to take pictures.


During the import fair, there was a constant activity in the UK pavilion, not only with the "launch of the Global Trade Report" brought by HSBC, but also with the British educational Science and technology training lectures brought by renowned universities, as well as activities such as the Scotch whisky tasting, the digital interactive participation of the Premier League. To see the three colors of red, yellow and black is the German pavilion interwoven with passion and reason. Ms. Muller, a German pavilion, told reporters that many of the German exhibitors who came to the import fair this time were familiar to Chinese friends. "Adidas for Sporting Goods, Bayer for pharmaceuticals, lanxess for chemicals, etc.; of course, I know that for Chinese friends, Germany's most famous product is football, whether it is Bayern Munich or Dortmund, in China have a large number of fans.

Mueller said that the import expo to the quality, fine, durable German products known for the larger market stage, hope that by deepening international economic and trade cooperation, Germany and China to achieve common prosperity and progress, the people enjoy more quality products and services. Russian exhibition area in the main white tone, simple and bright display of Russia's nuclear power, tourism, sports and other industries.

The interactive screen in the center of the exhibition area is an interesting introduction to the Russian wood industry, poking the screen can see the production process of sawn wood, granules, pulp, furniture, etc. Brazil not only has passionate samba and football, coffee, nuts, sugar cane wine and other foods show the rich property of this South American power, attracting many buyers to stop to taste, negotiate. Pakistan is also one of the 12 guest countries, the exhibition area is full of green, a basin of green planting covered with the wooden frame above the exhibition area.

An important showcase of the pavilion is the "1 billion Tree planting Project", which aims to increase forest cover in Pakistan and the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor". The golden Pharaohs statue of Egypt's long history, including textiles, furniture and other objects, all exude a strong East African style, as the world's tenth largest agricultural exporter, the warm Mexicans bring products that are mouth-watering, from Golden giant pineapple to fragrant avocado to wheat refreshing beer,

Attract everyone to come to taste the procurement; "Maple Leaf Country" Canada has brought a lot of intelligent high-end equipment, especially advanced medical equipment and medical and health care products, attracting buyers to come to negotiate. As a close neighbor of China, Indonesia and Vietnam also appeared as host countries, bringing coffee, fruit, nuts and other properties, and Hungary from Central Europe brought famous honey, red wine and dairy products, so that the taste buds of the Chinese people feel the sweetness and mellow of Central Europe, South Africa not only shows the wine, tea and other local products,

Some of the products of agro-processing, technology and information communication are equally impressive. The stands of the 12 host countries are wonderful and diverse, and the charm of the booths in other countries is no less and much more so. Philippine trade and Industry Minister Ramon Lopez said: "Thank you very much for building such a huge platform, China is the Philippines ' largest trading partner, and the Philippines has a place in China's huge market, I hope the two countries continue to expand investment, trade, culture and other exchanges, so that the bridge of friendship between the Philippines and China more broad and far-reaching." "During the import fair, the Philippines will arrange business matching activities for Chinese buyers and Philippine exhibitors, and about 20 representatives of the Philippine Council of Higher Education will seek new cooperation in the hope of establishing curriculum cooperation with more Chinese universities.