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Comparison Between ELK Heavy Duty Chain Electric Hoist And Wire Rope Electric Hoist
- Nov 29, 2018 -

Comparison between ELK heavy duty chain electric hoist and wire rope electric hoist:


ELK chain electric hoist, quite slow speed, suitable for precise positioning of assembly, precision processing, mold replacement;Domestic wire rope electric hoist, slightly faster speed, suitable for simple hoisting of large tonnage, hoisting.


ELK electric chain hoist: small size, sprocket and chain are closely combined, the center will not deviate, easy to locate; Domestic wire rope hoist, for the winch structure, large volume, the larger the head, the longer the drum, the rise and fall of the hook is easy to deviate from, not easy to locate

3. Brake device

ELK electric chain hoist: the side magnetic brake system can brake at the same time when the power is cut off, so as to ensure the absolute safety of the brake during lifting; Domestic wire rope hoist, brake pads belong to vulnerable parts, brake pads should often check the wear.Wear and tear not timely replacement, easy to slip

4. Check and replace

ELK chain hoist, can be visually and vernier caliper chain wear and extension, easy to check; Domestic wire rope hoist, at least 2 strands of wire rope composition, broken wire inside is not easy to check, easy to bend deformation

5. Safety factor

ELK chain hoist: the safety coefficient of ELK experiment is 6 times, and the tension is more than 1000N/mm2;Domestic wire rope hoist: the benchmark of domestic wire rope is 5 times the safety factor