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Control Method Of Chain Electric Hoist Load Sway
- Dec 06, 2018 -

control method of chain electric hoist load sway     

    Simply explain the control method of ring chain electric hoist load sway, hope to everyone in the operation of chain electric hoist can be helpful: do not make the lifting load near the end of the beam side of the state of operation.Lifting load shake will encounter people and objects or fall, may lead to death or serious injury and other major accidents.If the load wobbles, the more it wobbles, the more difficult and dangerous the car will be to run. In principle do not allow the load to sway sideways.Therefore, follow these steps:

1, do not pull;

2. Make it start slowly when moving horizontally;

3, do not sharply lift the load.

     When starting and stopping the transverse movement of the endless chain electric hoist, even if the above operation is followed, the lifting load will be somewhat shaken.But this operation will reduce the shaking of the lifting load.