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Major Reasons For Out-of-control Lifting Of Electric Wire Rope Hoist
- Dec 08, 2018 -

The main reasons for the uncontrolled lifting of electric wire rope hoist are as follows:

1) Sintered connection of main contactor of AC contactor. Because of quality problems of contactor or improper selection of contactor, the main contactor is often sintered and adhered, which can not be disconnected when disconnected, resulting in electric hoist can not stop rising in time. Therefore, the quality of AC electrical appliances must be reliable, the selection of qualified products from regular manufacturers, because electric hoists operate frequently, contactors must choose the appropriate model.

2) Failure of control button. Button insulation breakdown short circuit is the main performance. Button insulation breakdown short circuit is destroyed as long as it is due to frequent operation. The bad working environment leads to large leakage current, untimely maintenance and unqualified quality, which are also the common reasons for the failure of control buttons. Therefore, in order to ensure safe operation, besides selecting qualified products, it is necessary to strengthen daily maintenance and timely solve potential accident hazards.

3) Failure of stroke switch control. Travel control switch is a safety protection measure to cut off power in time when the electric hoist rises to its limit position. Because of long-term and frequent use, the trip control switch is prone to loosening and displacement, and even when replacing the wire rope, it loses the emergency protection device, resulting in the total hidden danger. Therefore, safety education for operators and maintenance personnel should be strengthened.