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Causes And Solutions To The Faults Of Several Bridge-erecting Machines
- Dec 08, 2018 -

1. The common fault of bridge erecting machine is lifting frequency converter fault.

Possible causes: external power supply, motor failure, load resistance damage, etc.

Maintenance method of bridge erecting machine: According to the fault code of frequency converter, check the fault phenomena and treatment methods of the corresponding frequency converter instructions.

2. Faults of unstable speed and big jump of hoist

Possible reasons: Lifting motor encoder coupling loose or broken.

Processing method: Check whether the encoder coupling of the hoist motor is loose or broken. If the coupling is normal, the encoder can be set to open loop, and then observe the speed of the hoist.

Unstable Fault of Radio Signal of 3,1,2# Car and Column 1

Possible reasons: 1) loose communication data lines, poor contact; 2) industrial control system CPU, control module, motherboard, etc. due to the use of time over the service life, coupled with poor use environment, leading to the aging of internal electrical components, thereby affecting a function under the influence of temperature (such as signal instability).

Processing methods: 1) Check whether the communication data line is loose and check whether the line is normal; 2) Suggest replacing CPU, control module and motherboard.

4. The common fault of bridge erecting machine is the crack at the connecting point of the transverse bolt under column 1.

Possible reasons: left and right telescopic cylinder speed is not synchronous.

Processing method: adjust cylinder balance valve to synchronize left and right expansion speed.

5. Trouble of slip hook of hoist

Possible reasons: large brake clearance of motor brake and incomplete holding of hydraulic push rod brake.

Processing method: Use inner hexagonal to adjust the looseness of motor brake, clearance 1 mm; adjust hydraulic push rod loosening nut.

6. Bridge erecting machine generates electricity, but it can't send electricity to bridge erecting machine.

Processing: No. 1 column emergency stop switch is not reset after pressing.

Please don't panic when the bridge erecting machine breaks down. After determining the cause of the failure, please first ensure the safety of the personnel, and then have professional personnel to repair the machinery accordingly. And the most effective way to place mechanical failure is to maintain the machinery on time, so long as the mechanical performance is good, the sudden occurrence of failure can be avoided.