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Industrial Automation
- Dec 10, 2018 -


It has become an irreversible trend for industrial robots to replace artificial industrial production.
From automation to intelligence, the introduction of artificial intelligence, will make robots more intelligent, small and medium-sized enterprises do not have the same financial and technical strength as large enterprises, how to deal with it? Is your business also facing such problems: rising labor costs, the impact of the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the increase in market outbreak choices, and so on, forcing your factory or enterprise to transform and upgrade, to achieve automation to adapt to market competition. The combination of artificial intelligence and machine production brings opportunities and challenges: industrial robots replace low-end labor, but also create new jobs; This is a good time for industrial workers to transform themselves, but also for manufacturing enterprises to point out the direction of development and future prospects.

For manufacturing enterprises, especially small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, the realization of people, machines, robots reasonable division of labor and collaborative work, to achieve transformation and upgrading, in order to maximize production efficiency. Nowadays, more and more manufacturing enterprises introduce industrial robots and move closer to intelligent manufacturing.

Needless to do, robot replacement has become the inevitable trend of a new round of industrial manufacturing reform, the use of intelligent robot replacement, not only can help enterprises reduce production cost pressure, improve enterprise efficiency, ensure better production quality, more importantly, robots can better protect the safety of workers, It also plays a good role in promoting the further cultivation of robot market.