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Heavy Duty ​electric Hoist Security Enhancement Is Mainly Reflected In What Aspects?
- Dec 12, 2018 -

Heavy duty electric hoist security enhancement is mainly reflected in what aspects? 

 Heavy duty electric hoist as a frequent use of lifting equipment, safety is the first thing we should consider, with the continuous improvement of the internal structure of the equipment, the safety has been greatly enhanced, the following detailed introduction of Heavy duty electric hoist security enhancement is mainly reflected in what aspects?

 1. Emergency switch: the emergency switch is installed in the position within the reach of the driver, in case of emergency, the general power supply should be quickly disconnected to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

 2. Short circuit protection: common short circuit protection devices include fuse and automatic air switch. Should be set in the main power circuit, the main power circuit to do short circuit protection.

 3. Main isolation switch: the wire rope hoist is equipped with a main isolation switch at the inlet line. Disconnect the main isolation switch from the crane without power to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel. Small single-beam crane operated on the ground may not be equipped with a main isolation switch.

 4. Zero-position protection: in order to prevent the controller of each mechanism from failing to be placed in the zero-position, the driver suddenly starts the electric vehicle to cause an accident, and the controller of the crane is equipped with zero-position protection.

 5. Magnetic loss protection: when there is no current in the other excitation winding of dc other electromechanical motor, the armature current will increase sharply and cause failure.For example, when the hoisting mechanism of a crane USES eddy current brake to speed control, the magnetic loss of the eddy current brake causes the load to drop over speed.In both cases, magnetic loss protection should be provided.

 6. Over-current protection: connect current relay in series in stator loop of ac motor and armature loop of dc motor.When the current exceeds the allowable value, the relay action makes the motor power off and plays a protective role to the motor.

 7. Grounding protection: in order to prevent electric shock damage to personnel when the metal frame of the crane is energized, grounding protection is set up.

 8, interlock protection: in the crane driver's room door, maintenance door, each hatch door upward or escalator entrance, the setting of travel switch, these travel switch open, automatically cut off the power supply, the whole crane can not start, in order to protect the safety of personnel.