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​Talk About The Motor Protector Of Electric Hoist
- Dec 13, 2018 -

Talk about the motor protector of electric hoist

 At present, the electric hoist motor protector has by the mechanical development for electronic and intelligent, can be directly display parameters such as current, voltage and temperature of the motor, high sensitivity, reliability, functionality, debugging is convenient, protect action after the fault types be clear at a glance, both to reduce the damage of the motor, and has greatly helped the fault judgment, for troubleshooting of manufacturing and shorten the recovery time of production.

 Due to the continuous development of insulation technology, the motor design requires both increasing output and reducing volume, so that the heat capacity of the new electric hoist motor is smaller and smaller, and the load capacity is weaker and weaker;In addition, due to the improvement of production automation, the motor is required to run frequently in a variety of ways, such as frequent starting, braking, positive and negative rotation and variable load, and the motor protection device is put forward with higher requirements.

 The traditional electric hoist motor protection device is mainly thermal relay, but the thermal relay has low sensitivity, large error, poor stability and unreliable protection.In fact, although many equipment installed thermal relays, but motor damage and affect the normal production of the phenomenon is still common.

 The ideal electric hoist motor protector is not the most functional, nor the so-called advanced, but should meet the actual needs of the site, to achieve the unity of economy and reliability, with a high performance-to-price ratio.According to the actual situation of the site to choose a reasonable protector type, function, at the same time to consider the protector installation, adjustment, use simple and convenient, more important is to choose high-quality protector.