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Installation Of Wire Rope Electric Hoist On Track
- Dec 19, 2018 -

Installation of wire rope electric hoist on track

Installation of wire rope electric hoist on track:

    Generally, wire rope electric hoist is installed on u-shaped track.For this characteristic, we put the cable in the middle of the track, that is, the top of i-beam.The steel cable is made of vertebral 10mm wire rope or round steel, and the top is fastened with flower basket bolts;Sliding ring for two rings interlocking, there is a certain amount of margin to avoid wire scraping card.The steering ring is connected with two rings by bolts and can rotate freely.Put one end of the steering ring on the steel cable, keep the motor lead and rubber sleeve wire fixed on the lower end of the steering ring.Then one end of the sliding ring is threaded to the cable, and the rubber sleeve line is segmented and fixed at the lower end of the sliding ring.The front end of the electric hoist is connected to the motor, which can rotate freely, and the back end is connected to the power supply.Under the traction of the motor, with the steering ring as the center, the traction cable moves in a straight line or a circle.