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What Is Electric Hoist Fever
- Dec 20, 2018 -

What is electric hoist fever

 Sometimes when working, you will find that the electric hoist is hot.This is what the situation will not be dangerous, where we should check the electric hoist!!

 First of all, check whether the hoist is used overload, overload leads to motor fever, long-term overload will burn the motor;

 If the motor is not overloaded and still heated, check whether the motor bearing is damaged;

Should also check whether the motor work in accordance with the provisions of the working system, this is one of the causes of motor fever, the use of the motor should be strictly in accordance with the working system.

 When the motor is running, the brake clearance is too small, not completely detached, resulting in a lot of friction, friction heating at the same time is equivalent to increase the additional load, so that the motor speed decreases, the current becomes larger and heating, at this time should stop working, re-adjust the brake clearance.

When the weight rises to half air, stop it and do not start again

 Firstly, check whether the system voltage is too low or whether the fluctuation is too large. In this case, only when the voltage returns to normal can the system be started.

 On the other hand, attention should be paid to the three-phase motor running in the phase, after the shutdown can not start, at this time need to check the number of power supply phase.

 When the electric hoist stops at high altitude, he must not stand under the lifting weight.