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Crane Hook Inspection
- Sep 26, 2018 -

Crane hook is one of the important parts of crane. The inspection of crane hook can avoid serious accident.The user shall check the hook, nut and thread of the hook handle at least once a year. If there is any damage and serious wear, it should be replaced.When the control screen is used for electric hoist (or controller), special attention should be paid to the maintenance of positive and anti-contactor, to keep the contact smooth and the pressure normal.

Conductor rail (or conductive line), the working surface of the conductive lines, smooth and clean, insulator intact, to firmly fixed on the pillar, must be closely in pressure on the conductive line, if the pulley spark, it indicates that the poor contact, electric hoist the reason may not conductive wires and the pulley contact closely, or work surface is not clean, when cable power supply is used, should be regularly check the damage of the cable and soft cable, block and drum operation is normal.

Electromagnetic crane mechanism;

(1) the electric disk power supply cable shall rise and fall synchronously with the hook. The electric hoist cable itself shall maintain a certain degree of slack and shall prevent the cable from being entangled with any object during operation.

(2) always pay attention to whether the electric disk discharge resistance and the connection with the dc control panel are normal.

Grab mechanism: when lifting grab electric hoist, two main controllers should be operated. Each step should be aligned with each other. Otherwise, try to adjust.