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The 124th Canton Fair Is Coming
- Sep 25, 2018 -

China Import and Export Commodities fair, also known as Canton Fair, was founded in the spring of 1957, held every spring and autumn in Guangzhou, by the Ministry of Commerce and the Guangdong Provincial People's government jointly hosted by China Foreign Trade Center, is China's longest history, the largest scale, the widest range of goods, to the most buyers and distribution of country regions the most extensive,
124th canton fair.jpg

Deal with the best results, the best reputation of the comprehensive international Trade event. Canton Fair after 61 years of reform and innovation and development, withstood all kinds of severe test never interrupted, strengthen the trade between China and the world, the display of China's image and development achievements, is the Chinese enterprises to open up the international market quality platform, is the implementation of China's foreign Trade Development Strategy guide demonstration base. Has become China's first foreign trade promotion platform, known as China's foreign trade barometer and vane, is China's opening-up window, miniature and logo.