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Safety Protection Measures For Hoist Hoist Under Special Circumstances
- Sep 19, 2018 -

Safety protection measures for hoist hoist under special circumstances

Crane electric hoist operating in special environment such as dust, humidity, high temperature or cold should not only have regular safety protection measures, but also consider the safety protection measures that can be used in special environment.

1. Use in dust environment

The following safety measures shall be considered for the hoist crane operating in dust environment:

1. The closed driver room should be adopted for operation to protect the personal health of the driver;

2. The protection level of the motor and main electrical appliances on the crane should be improved accordingly. Usually, the protection level of the electric motor and electrical appliances of the gourd crane is IP44.

Use in a humid environment

Under normal circumstances, the working environment humidity is not more than 85%, the hoist crane protective class is IP44, but the occasion of the requirement to adapt to the humidity larger build beam, requiring the humidity of 100% also many, even as the nuclear power plant and nuclear equipment with high pressure water washing the edges of dust pollution, protection grade of lifting equipment must be improved, therefore, in the use of humidity is more than 85% to 100% between units, crane electrical and electrical protection grade shall be the IP55.

In the humid environment, the preheating drying device should be added to the motor above 10kw.

In the open work of the hoist motor hard electric appliances should be installed rainproof cover.

Use in high temperature environment

1. The driver's room shall be a closed driver's room equipped with an electric fan or air conditioner.

2. Thermal resistance and other temperature control devices should be embedded on the motor windings and enclosure. When the temperature exceeds a certain limit, power off and shut down for protection or strong cooling measures should be added on the motor (usually a special electric fan is added on the motor).

Use in cold environment

The following safety precautions shall be taken for the hoist crane used in the outdoor cold season:

1. Adopt closed driver's cab.A heating device should be installed in the driver's room.

2. Remove snow and ice on tracks, ladders and walking platforms in time.

3, crane main stress or component should be used in low alloy steel bar or not less than ordinary carbon steel Q235 - C (refer to the below - 20 ℃) material.