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How To Install Electric Hoist Correctly
- Sep 13, 2018 -

  • How to install electric hoist correctly

First of all, after getting the electric cable hoist, it should be inspected. After the inspection, documents, specifications, certificates and other related items should be checked. In addition, we should see that the appearance of the equipment should be free of damage.If none of the above, a then we can be ready to install.

1. Carefully read the operation manual and other random documents to understand the product structure.Check whether the electrical control box is wired according to the electrical diagram, and check the insulation state of the lifting motor and walking motor.

2. The buffer devices at both ends of the track or i-beam must be fully installed;

3. Whether the supporting points of i-beam are constructed according to the drawing and the connection is firm;

4. The splice of i-beam must be constructed in accordance with the drawing, and the lower flange must be polished and smooth without blocking the wheels.Detection before hoisting of electric cable hoist:

5. Before hoisting, check the gear reducer of the lifting part of the electric cable hoist carefully, and see whether the lubricating oil is injected as required, and whether the lubricating grease is injected in the moving part.Remove grease or rust - proof oil from electric car tread.

6. Check whether the fixed end of the wire rope is tight and the plug is wedged.

7. Check whether the wiring of the control button is correct, and the safety rope of the fixed button must be installed.

8. According to the regulations, the hook must be painted with yellow and black zebra print paint, and the hook safety device is complete.

9. The steel wire rope and reel shall be fixed with three platens at each end, and the bolts shall be tightened.

10. The actuator is assembled correctly, and the limit switches of rising and falling are installed correctly.Hoisting of electric cable hoist.