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Matters Needing Attention For Operation Of Electric Hoist
- Sep 12, 2018 -

  • Matters needing attention for operation of electric hoist

Let's find out what should be paid attention to during the use of electric wire rope hoist

1) please remember the instructions and the nameplate before operating.

2) please adjust the stop block of upper and lower position before lifting the object.

3) please confirm whether the brake condition is reliable before use.

4) do not operate the wire rope if it is found to be bent, deformed, corroded or broken beyond the specified requirements before use.

5) installed before use, please use 500v megohmmeter check the insulation resistance of the motor and control box at room temperature cold resistance should be greater than 5 m Ω, just can use

6) never lift anything exceeding the rated load, which is indicated on the name plate of the lifting hook.

7) no passenger is allowed on the lifting object. In addition, do not use electric wire rope hoist as lifting mechanism of the elevator to carry people.

8) no one is allowed below the lifting object.

9) lifting objects and hooks cannot be lifted in the swing state.

10) please move the wire rope hoist directly above the object and lift it again without slanting.

11) limit device is not allowed to be used repeatedly as travel switch.

12) objects connected to the electric wire rope hoist shall not be lifted.

13) please do not over-click the operation.

14) do not use the torch gate line to pull other objects.

15) be sure to cut off the power supply before maintenance inspection.

16) maintenance inspection must be carried out under no-load condition.

17) please confirm whether the wedge is installed firmly and reliably before use.